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Aboriginal Astronomy                           

African Starlore

Astronomy in Japan

Mayan Astronomy

Native American Astronomy


Adelaide Planetarium

Adler Planetarium

Brisbane Planetarium

Melbourne Planetarium

Clubs & Organizations

Astronomical Society of Frankston

Astronomical Society of South Australia

Astronomical Society of Tasmania

Astronomical Society of Victoria

Astronomical Society of Western Australia

Australian Institute of Physics

The Centre for Archaeoastronomy

Houston Astronomical Society

Jordanian Astronomical Society

Orange County Astronomers

South Australian Space School

Observatories & Telescopes

Anglo-Australian Observatory 

Apache Point Observatory       

Ballarat Observatory

David Dunlap Observatory

European Southern Observatory

Gemini Observatory

Griffith Observatory

Haute-Province Observatory

Kepler Space Telescope 

Kitt Peak National Observatory 

Lowell Observatory

Mallee Sky Observatory

McDonald Observatory

Mt Stromlo Observatory

Parkes 'The Dish' Observatory

Perth Observatory

Royal Observatory Edinburgh

South African Observatory

Spitzer Space Telescope 

Sydney Observatory

Solar System

Australian Spaceguard

Cassini-Huygens Mission

Mars Odyssey Mission

Mars Express Mission

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

Mercury Messenger Mission

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

The Eight Planets

Solar System Exploration

Venus Express Mission

Views of the Solar System

Voyager Spaceprobe


Army Tank Museum

Australian Museum

Classic Jets Fighter Museum

Melbourne Museum

South Australian Aviation Museum

South Australian Museum

Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum

Western Australian Museum


David Malin

David Miller


Australian Earthquakes

Australian Geological Survey Organization

Paleontology & Palaeoanthropology

Australian Marine Reptiles

Australian Palaeoanthropology


Adelaide Observatory                                                    

Astronomical Pseudo-Science: A Skeptic's Resource List

Astronomy Visuals

Australian Aboriginal Art

Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex

Eclipses by the rules



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