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Some time ago members of the planetarium group in Adelaide (the 'Supernovas') asked that I put together a recommended book reading list. Below is some of the list that the planetarium group has compiled thus far. All of the books are recommended as an interesting read and are aimed at the lay person. I would appreciate other titles from anyone who has read a good book. All book titles must be of a non-fictional and factual nature (e.g. science, historical) and please use the 'Harvard' referencing system as displayed below when making a submission. Enjoy your reading. 

(From Robert Jenkins)

Davies, Paul,1994, The Last Three Minutes, Weinfield and Nicholson, London.

Melia, Fulvio, 2003, The Black Hole at the Centre of our Galaxy, Princeton University Press, New Jersey

Singh, Simon, 2004, Big Bang, Harper Collins Publishers, London

Atkisson, Alan,1999, Believing Cassandra, Scribe Publications, Australia

Magueijo, Joao, 2003, Faster Than the Speed of Light, Random House, London

Overbye, Dennis, 1991, Lonely Hearts of the Cosmos, MacMillan, London

Henbest, Nigel ed, 1984, Observing the Universe, IPC Magazines, Oxford

Chown, Marcus, 2002, The Universe Next Door, Headline Book Publishing, London

Tillett, Peter, 2002, Consider the Heavens, New Holland Publishers, Sydney

Connor, James, 2004, Keplerís Witch, Harper Collins, New York

(From Aris Moustakas)

Swain, Harriet et al, 2002, Big Questions in Science, Random House Australia Ltd, Sydney.

(From Steve Hargreaves)

Fadiman, Clifton, 1997, Fantasia Mathematica, Copernicus, New York.

(From Jenny Sampson) 

Standage, Tom, 2000, The Neptune File, Allen Lane the Penguin Press, London.

Panek, Richard, 2000, Seeing and Believing, Fourth Estate Limited, London.

Watson, Fred, 2004, Stargazer - the Life and Times of the Telescope, Allen and Unwin, New South Wales.

Scott, David and Leonov, Alexei, 2004, Two Sides of the Moon, Simon and Schuster Limited, London.

Ferris, Timothy, 2003, Seeing in the Dark, Simon and Schuster, London.

(From Nina Stansfield) 

Sobel, Dava, 1999, Galileoís Daughter, Fourth Estate Limited, Great Britain. 

(From Jacki Dyte) 

Arianrhod, R., 2003, Einsteinís Heroes, University of Queensland Press, St Lucia, Queensland. Kaku, M., 1994, Hyperspace, Doubleday, New York. 

Davies, Paul, 1995, About Time, Penguin Books, London. 

Davies, Paul, 2001, How to Build a Time Machine, Penguin Books, London. 

Smoot, G., Davidson, K., 1993, Wrinkles in Time The Imprint of Creation, Little Brown and Company, London. 

(From Rusty Eisenkolb) 

Ferris, Timothy, 1988, Coming of Age in the Milky Way, The Bodley
Head Ltd, London. 

Plait, Phillip, C., 2002, Bad Astronomy, John Wiley and Sons Inc, New

Winchester, Simon, 2003, Krakatoa The Day the Earth Exploded, Viking Penguin, London. 

Gribbon, John, 1996, Companion to the Cosmos, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London 

(From Me) 

Sagan, Carl, 1997, The Demon-Haunted World, Headline Book Publishing, London 

Sagan, Carl, 1995, Pale Blue Dot, Headline Book Publishing, London. 

Sagan, Carl, 1992, Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors, Arrow Books Ltd, London. 

Sagan, Carl, 1981, Cosmos, Abacus, London. 

Sagan, Carl, 1980, Broca's Brain, The Ballantine Publishing Group, Toronto. 

Drake, Frank, & Sobel, Dava, 1991, Is Anyone Out There: The Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence, Pocket Books Ltd, London.

Leakey, Richard, 1995, The Sixth Extinction, Phoenix: Orion Books Ltd, London 

Leakey, Richard, 1994, The Origin of Humankind, Phoenix: Orion Books Ltd, London. 

Plimer, Ian, 2001, A Short History of Planet Earth, ABC Books, Sydney.

Robert D. Ballard, 1995, Explorations, Phoenix: Orion Books Ltd, London. 

Bauval, Robert, & Gilbert, Adrian, 1994, The Orion Mystery, Mandarin Paperbacks, London. 

Krupp, Dr., E.C., 1991, Beyond the Blue Horizon, Oxford University Press, New York. 

Shostak, Seth, 1998, Sharing the Universe, Lansdowne Publishing Pty Ltd, Sydney. 

Flannery, Timothy, 2001, The Eternal Frontier, Text Publishing Company, Melbourne. 

Flannery, Timothy, 1994, The Future Eaters, Reed New Holland, Sydney.

Ward, Peter, & Brownlee, Donald, 2002, The Life and Death of Planet Earth, Judy Piatkus Ltd, London. 


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