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Welcome to the 'STARLORE' website. For those who have not visited my website before, it has a focus on 'ethnoastronomy', which concerns itself with the cultural aspects of astronomy and how the world's various groups perceive the night sky. The major aim of this website is to share with you some of the diverse stellar lore from around the world with a particular focus on the night sky of Indigenous Australians. Many of us live in cities or countries that now have excessive light pollution and pollution in general, so the skies are not as clear as say 5,000 years ago. However, many us still watch the nightly ballet of stars above and ponder about the celestial majesty displayed before us.


At a meeting in Rome, in 1922, the International Astronomical Union, who are the governing body in astronomy met in Italy to bring some form of order to the many constellations. They bequeathed us the current 88 constellations used by both professional and amateur astronomers today to find their way around the sky. Many of these stellar patterns had been passed down through the ages from earlier cultures who had watched the sky with alacrity and awe. The Aboriginal Peoples of Australia have been looking at the night sky for 45,000+ years. Furthermore, ancient civilizations like the Sumerians, Babylonians and Egyptians were responsible for introducing many of the constellations in use today. These constellations were later passed on and added to by later civilizations like the Greeks, Romans and Arabs.   

Additionally, many other cultures across our planet had also looked to the sky and told stories relating to the stars visible from their locations. The Chinese for example have a long history of astronomy.  Early cultures like the Aztec, Anasasi, Maya and Inca of the Americas took a keen interest in astronomy. The Maori Peoples of New Zealand, the Polynesians and Japanese cultures all have their own names for stars and their own constellations.  


If you have an interest in the stellar lore of our planet's various cultures, I sincerely hope that you enjoy this website. In addition, if you would like to drop me a line just to say hello, please feel free to do so. If you have stories or articles that you would like to contribute to this page I would be interested in hearing from you. I am based in the city of Adelaide, the capital of South Australia and if you ever plan to visit Adelaide please drop me a line. About me - my bio.














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